At the Tsuchida Laboratory, we are engaged in “Expressive Engineering” research, which explores unknown worlds of expression by integrating diverse movements and expressions of humans and objects with scientific and technological advancements such as engineering. By digitizing movements and sensations and processing them as information, we aim to create innovative expressions. Furthermore, by treating movements as data and utilizing the latest information processing technologies, we provide new value to society through the analysis, creation, instruction, and evaluation of subjects such as art, entertainment, and dance.

Pioneering the future of expression through technology and creativity

The Tsuchida Laboratory will conduct research on the theme of ‘Expression‘, using new technologies and designs and combining different disciplines. It explores diverse fields such as dance, music, film, manga and digital art, and develops its own unique techniques and knowledge.

【Creating New Worlds of Expression with Technology】

  • Gain experience in creating devices and systems to expand the possibilities of expression.
  • Develop the ability to logically compile these outcomes into research papers.
  • Cultivate an aesthetic sense through project production and research creation.

【Creating New Value through Diversity and Collaboration】

  • Emphasize the importance of students bringing diverse backgrounds and collaborating in their research.
  • Encourage the generation of new perspectives and ideas through collaborative projects among students.
  • Foster unique insights within the lab by stimulating and inspiring each other.

【Creating a Culture of Free Research】

  • Ensure that students can freely share their opinions and questions and engage in research activities with autonomy, supported by faculty in a psychologically safe environment.
  • Prioritize information sharing and create an open, communicative environment.
  • Promote interaction with external organizations to understand external perspectives and broaden the lab’s horizons.
  • Encourage students to have diverse communities, creating an environment where they can safely express their opinions and questions.
  • Provide lectures on research methodologies (e.g., survey methods) to support students in conducting autonomous research activities.
  • Respect students’ intentions and suggest approaches to achieve their goals.
  • Aim to create an environment where research can be pursued with a sense of enjoyment and playfulness.

【Paving the Path to the Future with a Broad Range of Skills】

  • Through research and lab lectures, students can acquire a wide range of skills, including programming, data analysis, and software/hardware development.

【Broadening Horizons through International Exchange and Study Abroad】

  • Emphasize international exchange, planning to accept international students and participate in international research projects.
  • Provide opportunities for students to broaden their horizons by collaborating with universities and research institutions abroad through study abroad programs and joint research.

At Tsuchida Laboratory, we leverage these characteristics to create an environment where students can pursue their unique expressions and find their path to the future. We aim to foster an environment where students can inspire each other and work on developing new methods of expression and technology. Through an interdisciplinary approach and the pursuit of creativity, we incorporate not only traditional expression methods but also new technologies and designs to expand the possibilities of expression.

At Tsuchida Laboratory, we hope each student can advance their research according to their interests and expertise and work on developing related fields and applied technologies. We look forward to continuing the pursuit of the possibilities of expression together with our students.

Let’s use technology and creativity to pioneer the future of expression. We hope that the learning at Tsuchida Laboratory supports your growth, challenges new expressions, and helps you find your path to the future.

April 23, 2024 Shuhei Tsuchida