Hello, this is Tsuchida.

On March 26, 2024, I had the opportunity to visit MPLUSPLUS Inc.!

First, CEO Minoru Fujimoto explained the company to us. MPLUSPLUS handles stage productions involving sound, light, and video. It’s a rare company that can manage Direction, Design, and Engineering all in-house. Fujimoto is the first in the world to propose the concept of the “Lighting Choreographer,” which transforms the surface of the body from static to dynamic, in 2010. The company’s vision includes delivering performances using world-first technologies from Japan and creating performances that attract people to Japan.

After the company overview, we toured the actual office, where each staff member explained their work in detail!

We got to wear LED costumes!

We saw a demo of LED Happi coats by Mr. Ono!

We experienced a real-time video display demo by Mr. Izuta!

After the desk tour, we had the opportunity to experience some of the devices used in their performances!
We got to hold the LED Vision Flag! It’s heavy!

We also got to hold the Waving LED Ribbon! Unlike the ribbons used in rhythmic gymnastics, it’s designed not to break the wiring.

After the experience, we had a discussion session with the staff. They shared a wide range of topics, including their reasons for joining MPLUSPLUS, things students should do while still in school, and important aspects of communication.

Finally, we took a group photo.

The students seemed inspired and expressed a strong desire to learn more while at university.
Thank you very much to everyone at MPLUSPLUS for your precious time!