Hello, this is Tsuchida.

On April 25, 2024, I had the opportunity to visit Rhizomatiks at Abstract Engine Inc.!

First, Tatsuya Takemori explained the agenda for the day and introduced himself! Takemori and I collaborated on a project called Mimebots about ten years ago, spending practically every waking moment together, except for sleeping and bathroom breaks. Thanks to this connection, we were able to have this precious opportunity! I am extremely grateful!!! Honestly, I never imagined that ten years later, I would be visiting Rhizomatiks with my students where Takemori works. Back then, we often talked about how amazing Rhizomatiks was… it’s incredibly emotional. Our initial meeting happened when I found Takemori’s blog and, without knowing him or providing my contact information, reached out saying, “Let’s create entertainment together!” That was a youthful mistake… this experience has been deeply moving.

Next, we received an overview of the company from Motoi Ishibashi, the director of Rhizomatiks. In 2021, Rhizomatiks Inc. changed its name to Abstract Engine Inc. and established two teams: “Rhizomatiks” and “Panoramiks,” while also setting up a new affiliate company, Flow Plateau Inc. Rhizomatiks primarily handles art and entertainment projects, which they have been involved in since the company’s founding.

After the introduction, we had brief presentations where each of us, including Professor Mashiko from Shibaura Institute of Technology and Professor Mizumura from Ochanomizu University, shared our research for about five minutes each.

Then came the introduction of their works! Ishibashi shared many works with us, along with technical details and behind-the-scenes stories!

Here are some works that seem to be available online! Please check them out!

The Q&A session after the work introductions was also very lively!

We experienced a demo of a twin projector synchronized with active shutter 3D glasses. Detailed explanation can be found here → https://rhizomatiks.com/work/behind-the-scene-syn/

Holding the projector and shining light on people or objects… this was a new sensation. The shadows became three-dimensional, moving closer or further away with the movement of your hand! It was incredibly fascinating!

Finally, we toured the company, concluding the visit! Thank you, Takemori, for guiding us around!!

We even received some merchandise on our way out! Thank you very much!

I believe that knowing Rhizomatiks will greatly impact the students’ motivation and perspectives in their future studies!
Thank you very much to everyone at Rhizomatiks for your precious time!